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Specialized Service In the five boroughs of NYC

Parking Violations Bureau and Environmental Control Board Judgment Satisfaction
EmergencyRepair Lien Satisfaction
Department of Health Judgment and Pest Control Lien Satisfaction

Additional Special Services
ERS can obtain copies:

Copies of tax maps, map abstract, filed maps, plans and survey where available.
Obtain Copy of Housing registration Cards
Obtain Copy of Local Law 10 Compliance.
Obtain Certificate of Operation and/or Combustion applications on file with the Department of Air resources.
Obtain copies of deeds/mortgages.
Building Histories. Last Owner Searches.
Special Certificate of Occupancy.

Parking Violations Bureau and Environmental Control Board Judgment Satisfaction
A full search of the above agencies' last published lien book and microfilm along with a computerized print-out revealing all outstanding summonses which are considered to be in default of judgment status. Once paid, ERS will obtain Satisfactions from the appropriate bureau and obtain Certificate of Disposition of judgment from the New York City County Clerks' office.

Emergency Repair Lien Satisfaction
This service provides amounts necessary to satisfy E.R. liens. (Including penalty and interest.) Once paid, a full satisfaction is issued, which will ensure the disposition of the E.R. lien. Included with the satisfaction will be a computerized list of items paid.

Department of Health Judgments and Pest Control Lien Satisfaction
ERS will search the New York City Department of Health, Bureau of General Operation and Pest Control Unit to determine the amounts due to satisfy liens. Once paid, a satisfaction is obtained.

Special Certificate of Occupancy
A selective yet thorough search of both Department of Buildings and Taxation and Finance records relating to the preliminary filings, approvals and documents leading to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. The Client is supplied with copies of legal instruments filed by licensed professional architects or engineers showing full compliance with the regulations set forth by municipalities for obtaining a C/O.

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